Week 2 Predictions Of 2020 Six Nations


Ireland vs Wales

James Rowe: Ireland. There’s just a hunch I have about Ireland winning this match. It’s a home match which will help them a lot, but I am still not convinced that Wales is the better side. Sure they destroyed Italy, but that’s not really something to boast about.

Aaron Craig: Wales.

Scotland vs England

James: England. Yeah, I was shocked to see them lose last week too, but they are such a strong side that I have a hard time believing them not doing well in this tournament. Scotland will put up a fight, but England is the better side.

Aaron: Scotland

France vs Italy

James: France. The French stunned us all last week after beating England. Their defense was stout and it should have no problem beating Italy who was destroyed by Wales last week. If France wins this, they have a great chance at winning this tournament.

Aaron: France.


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