We are a sports talk website dedicated to JUST sports talk. No recaps, no live blogging, none of that stuff, just purely about the stories going on around the sports world. We cover sports ranging from Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, and even some sports from outside the United States like Rugby, etc. We hope to give the best coverage possible, but in our own creative ways. We will have podcasts, videos, articles, and almost any other types of coverage.

Here is the team:

James Rowe-Founder, Writer and Broadcaster


James has been working in sports for eight years, going on nine, as he got started doing some broadcasts for his college in Greensboro, NC in 2009 and did so for his whole tenure in college graduating in 2013. He also is going into his sixth year working as a Media Relations individual in sports. After falling in love with writing and broadcasting about sports, James decided to start this website up in hopes that it could help people get noticed and that this website could become something bigger if the opportunity came through. He got his degree in history and loves music, Sci-Fi, and pretty much all the types of sports known.

Tali Raphael-Writer


Tali likes metronomic defensive midfielders and Uzbek food

Dan Nicotera-Writer

Picture of Me

Dan is a basketball fanatic, having played and watched the sport since he was 5. He suffers through many Washington DC sports seasons, and maintains misplaced hope that the Wizards will not waste John Wall’s prime.

Tabari McCoy-Writer


Tabari is an accomplished stand-up comedian who has been honored to perform at several prestigious events, such as the illustrious San Francisco Sketch Fest, the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival and the inaugural Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington, IN. He also released his debut album Laughing with a Panther (Rooftop Media) in 2013 as made and his national TV debut on Laughs.

An accomplished writer away from the stage, Tabari is a former intern with the Cincinnati Bengals media relations’ department, he has been featured in several local, regional and national outlets, including Xavier Nation (the official publication of Xavier University Athletics), Ebony.com and La Jornada Latina. He is also the creator of McCoy on Movies, a movie review site which is also regularly featured at CincyChic.com and Dayton Most Metro online. An admitted sports bigamist, he is a follower of the Cincinnati Reds, the Chicago Cubs, the Seattle Mariners, the Seattle Seahawks, the Philadelphia Eagles … And World Wrestling Entertainment. (Seriously – he knows WAAAAY too much about professional wrestling sports entertainment.)

Malikah French-Writer


Thomas Martin-Writer


Thomas is a historian and avid soccer, baseball, and college football fan. Growing up in Alabama, he spent most of his life inundated with college football and shouting “War Eagle!” while a crowd full of his peers shouted “Roll Tide!” When not watching Auburn, the Braves, or Atlanta United, he is most likely working on his dissertation or brewing his own beer. He hopes to be finished with the former in 2020 and and the latter when he dies.