Previewing 2019 NFL Playoffs: Conference Championship Round


Here it is football fans, the Conference Championships. The round before the mecca, the Super Bowl. With what should be a very exciting two games, it will also feel a little different as some of the big name teams were eliminated and a new champion will soon be crowned. Let’s take a look at each of the matchups.

American Football Conference Championship

Kansas City Chiefs vs Tennessee Titans

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs were down 24-0 at one point in their game against the Houston Texans last week in the divisional round. Well, to give an example of how great their offense is, they went 51-7 the rest of the way in the game to advance to the Championship round. The Chiefs were here last season and lost out on a disappointing chance to go to the Super Bowl as they lost to the New England Patriots, but now they have a great chance of advancing. One of the most important parts of this game will have to be how they handle the run on defense as Tennessee’s running back Derrick Henry is a monster. If Kansas City can effectively shut him down, it should be smooth sailing from there.

Tennessee Titans

Can the Titans now be crowned as the upset kings? Tennessee shocked the football world as they beat the Baltimore Ravens in convincing fashion after upsetting New England the week before. The Titans absolutely shut down a potent Baltimore offense and Derrick Henry carried the team on his back as he absolutely obliterated the Ravens defense. One of the the most important parts of this game that Tennessee needs to shut down is in their secondary as Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a ton of options and is deadly with his arm. Stopping the pass at all cost will help the Titans.


James Rowe: Kansas City. I think this game is also ripe for another upset by the Titans, but I think the Chiefs are so good that they will win a close one.

National Football Conference

Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers

Green Bay Packers

The Packers made it to the next round on a very controversial call, but nonetheless here they are after defeating the Seattle Seahawks in the Divisional Round. Green Bay will now have to face a very strong defense in San Francisco, so they will have to establish the run game early and find some holes in the secondary when passing the ball. Their pass rush will also have to be at the top of it’s game if the Packers want to win this one.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have waited a long time since their last appearance in the NFC Championship, after defeating the Minnesota Vikings in the Divisional Round, but this time they have a very strong team that could actually win the a title. San Francisco’s defense will be the key here as Green Bay’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers is still one of the best despite a down season. And the 49ers can’t rely just on tight end George Kittle in the passing game, they need to spread out the wealth to tire the Packers secondary.


James: San Francisco. I actually don’t think this will be close as I believe the 49ers to be the far superior side.


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