Previewing 2019 College Football Playoffs: Semifinals


With the regular season at its end and many bowl games happening, the mecca of college football is the playoffs as four teams will have a chance for the right for the national championship. This might be one of the most evenly matched playoffs as each of the four schools could realistically win the whole thing. Let’s take a look at the matchups for the semifinals.

LSU vs Oklahoma


LSU has been absolute class all year long and it’s evidenced by how their Heisman winning quarterback Joe Burrows has played all year long. It helps that Burrows has a great receiving corp, but the running game for the Tigers has been great too. The defense has been exceptional as they will try to limit the damage of an opposing offense’s strongest aspect of their game and try to make you beat them at your weakest aspect. There’s a reason why they are ranked number one in the nation.


While Jalen Hurts isn’t quite Baker Mayfield or Kyler Murray, he’s been a lethal weapon for the Oklahoma offense. Overall, their offense is pretty balanced, but their running game is the best part of their team, which in part helps open up the passing game. The defense on the other hand is much better than it was the last two seasons, especially in the secondary. Oklahoma looks like a more legit threat this year than in 2017 or 18.


James Rowe: LSU. I actually think this will be a tight one, which favors Oklahoma, but LSU plays in a much more competitive conference and having lethal offensive weapons like they do is going to be the difference. The Tigers are going to have to put a stranglehold on the Sooners’ running game if they want to win.

Ohio State vs Clemson

Ohio State

Ohio State had an awesome year after coming in with some question marks. Quarterback Justin Fields has filled in greatly after replacing Dwayne Haskins, but their offense is legit with the likes of Chris Olave and JK Dobbins being playmakers. The defense is a different story, their defense is incredible as they are lock down solid with such great players like Chase Young and Jeffrey Okudah there. The Buckeyes have a serious shot at winning the National Title.


It wasn’t a shock to see the Tigers in the playoffs, but there’s a reason why they are here once again. The offense is just simply awesome being led by quarterback Trevor Lawrence as he has stud weapons like Travis Etienne and Tee Higgins. If fans think Ohio State’s defense is great, then Clemson’s is being overlooked as that has been their strength the last few seasons. The defense is anchored by Isaiah Simmons and Tanner Muse as they dominated this season.


James: Ohio State. This has the makings of being one of the best college football games of not only the decade, but in history. The two are evenly matched and it could go either way. That being said, Clemson’s defense hasn’t had to face an offense of the caliber of Ohio State’s yet and the Buckeyes have played in a more competitive conference this season.


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