RSTN 2019 March Madness Predictions: Round of 64 and 32


James Rowe:

East Region

Advances to Round of 32: Duke, VCU, Liberty, Virginia Tech, Maryland, LSU, Louisville, Michigan State

Advances to Round of 16: Duke, Virginia Tech, LSU, Michigan State

Midwest Region

Advances to Round of 32: UNC, Washington, Auburn, Kansas, Ohio St, Houston, Wofford Kentucky

Advances to Sweet 16: UNC, Auburn, Houston, Kentucky

West Region

Advances to Round of 32: Gonzaga, Baylor, Marquette, Florida State, Buffalo, Texas Tech, Florida, Michigan

Advances to Sweet 16: Gonzaga, Florida State, Texas Tech, Michigan

South Region

Advances to Round of 32: Virginia, Ole Miss, Oregon, Kansas State, Villanova, Purdue, Cincinnati, Tennessee

Advances to Sweet 16: Virginia, Oregon, Purdue, Tennessee

Squad to watch out for: Houston
Houston may be a higher seed, but they are a dark horse candidate to win the National Championship. They are well balanced with a very potent offense and a stout defense as they can matchup well with anyone.
Possible Upset:
Murray State vs Marquette
Murray State has this kid named Ja Morant who is pretty good and leads an under-appreciated team and has a good chance at an upset that has a chance for being the best game of the tournament.
Game to watch:
Saint Louis vs Virginia Tech
Saint Louis and Virginia Tech have been playing equally great basketball at the same time, which could make this a classic as its if two unstoppable forces colliding. It’s also a chance for a possible upset, but this should be a fun one to watch.

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