Week 5 Predictions Of 2019 Six Nations Tournament


Italy vs France

James Rowe: France. I think the French have a promising squad that is looking a bit consistent, but not quite good enough to compete for the trophy. They will get there soon.

Aaron Craig: France. Easy decision


Ireland vs Wales

James: Ireland. While I think this will be a great match, I truly believe the Irish are going to look for redemption after losing their first match against England. I also think they truly are the best team in Europe though Wales is very talented as well. The Irish should push hard in this one.

Aaron: Wales. The Welsh are getting the Slam! Wales is playing superb rugby and their back three backs will be the deciding factor.


Scotland vs England

James: England. Scotland may put up a valiant effort, but the English are playing great rugby at the moment. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Aaron: England. Scotland has really fallen off after the first two weeks. England is going to be too much for the Scots.


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