Week 2 Predictions Of 2019 Six Nations Tournament


Scotland vs Ireland

James Rowe: Ireland. While it was surprising to see the Irish lose last week, it will be hard to see them lose two in a row. They boast so much talent that they can come back with no problem. Scotland is not going to be an easy test, but with how their defense suffered towards the end of their match with Italy, the Irish will take full advantage if that happens again.

Aaron Craig: Ireland.


Italy vs Wales

James: Wales. The Welsh looked lost in the first half against France, but because of how talented they are and how smart Warren Gatland is, they came back strong and won. Against the Italians, it should be a much easier task, but Italy had a nice showing coming back and making somewhat of a game against Scotland. There is promise for the Italians, but the Welsh will be too strong for them.

Aaron: Wales.


England vs France

James: England. The English are much stronger than we thought with a convincing win against the Irish and if they are as good as they showed last week, the French have no chance. That being said, the French are better than what we thought as they made a strong showing against Wales going up 16-0 before halftime. A few miscues that were made led to their loss, against Wales, but promising to see what they might be nevertheless. They will have to severely overachieve if they want to beat England, but it will be unlikely.

Aaron: England


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