Previewing 2018 College Football Playoffs Semi-Finals


Alabama vs Oklahoma


The Sooners cruised through the Big 12 to earn their trip to the College Football Playoffs. However, not without controversy as people felt like they were not the fourth best team in the nation as they don’t have a strong defense. However, making up for that is how potent their offense is. Led by Heisman winner Kyler Murray, they have been the most prolific offense in College Football history. They are now here to prove all the pundits wrong and show why they deserve to be in the playoffs.


If you are shocked to see the Crimson Tide in the College Football playoffs then you haven’t been paying attention to the sport all that much of late as they are led by probably the best head coach of all-time Nick Saban. Alabama has been simply unbeatable the last decade it seems like and to win, yet, another championship this year. This might be one of the more talented teams the Crimson Tide have had as they have a great quarterback in Tua Tagovailoa and their defense is incredible and will always give opposing offenses fits. Many are likely to see them as the absolute favorites in this game.


James Rowe: Alabama. The Crimson Tide are just so good that it will be hard to not pick them. Sure, Oklahoma will score some points, but they have never faced as good of a defense like Alabama does. It will be a reality check for the Sooners as the Crimson Tide move on.

Notre Dame vs Clemson

Notre Dame

Ever hear the term “Defense wins championships?” Well the hope from the Fighting Irish faithful is that their team does exactly that as this has been their best team since 2012 and the defense had a lot to say about that. Also, their offense has been clinical of late after making a change at quarterback as Ian Book has made the offense more productive and effective. Some questioned whether they should be in the playoffs as well, but the fans know that their team most deservedly should be in there and look to shock everyone.


Dabo Swinney has taken a good program into becoming a powerhouse. However, Swinney’s ability to find quarterback talent keeps showing after having Deshaun Watson lead them to a championship in the 2016 season and now a five-star recruit in Trevor Lawrence. Clemson also made a change at quarterback in the middle of the season which made their offense even better. Their defensive line wreaks havoc on many offenses and that will be a key point in this game. However, the Tigers might actually have the most talented team in the playoffs and could use all their skilled players to good use.


James: Notre Dame. I was skeptical of Notre Dame most of the year, but every time I saw them play they impressed me more and more and they should be taken more serious. Their defense is incredible and it could hurt Clemson’s chances of getting any sort of rhythm on offense. While I think Clemson has the more talented team and could win this game as well, I think the Fighting Irish actually have more of a chance of winning then people think, plus I think they have a lot to prove. They will look to avenge their loss against Alabama from the 2012 championship.


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