The Rugby Championship 2018 Edition: Week Two Predictions


Argentina vs South Africa

James Rowe: South Africa. At one point I thought Argentina was going to win with how impressive they looked in the first half, but then the Springboks reminded me why they are so good as they came back to win the match. That being said, Argentina really looked decent. Now that Argentina will be hosting this game, I can see them playing even harder and will probably put up a better fight, but honestly South Africa’s pack is so freaking good that not even Argentina’s awesome scrum will be able to compete with them.

New Zealand vs Australia

James: New Zealand. Just as I thought, I had a feeling that the All-Blacks were going to run all over the Wallabies. Australia will need to tighten up their defense if they want to compete as there are too many leaks and it showed in the second half. New Zealand is incredibly talented and are more disciplined, this was an easy decision. Also, it will be behind the All-Blacks crowd, tough to beat that.


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