Shamrock Thoughts: My Ideal Home Run Derby

T-Mobile Home Run Derby

With tonight’s Home Run Derby happening in my hometown of D.C. I thought to myself as to what might be the perfect Home Run Derby to watch. After careful consideration as I made some tough choices to not include others like Cody Bellinger, these were the eight who I thought should be in a Home Run Derby.

Giancarlo Stanton

Probably the most prolific hitter in this entire competition, Stanton can really put on a show. Not only that, even when it’s live pitching, the guy can absolutely crush a ball. It honestly seems like he can hit a ball 500 feet with ease.

Aaron Judge

After Stanton, this guy can really crush it too. After setting the American League rookie record for home runs in a season last year, it would be fun to see him compete in one of these competitions once again. Going head to head with Stanton to see who has the most power in the league would be fun to watch. He could also hit a ball 500 feet with ease.

Kyle Schwarber

We will get a chance to see what he does tonight, but just from watching him hit in general, the dude can crush a ball. While not as strong as Stanton and Judge, he has hit some majestic home runs. With such a violent swing, he can truly put a hurt on the ball.

Nelson Cruz

With his bat referred to as “Boomstick” this guy can hit a ball a long ways, but not only that, he hits a lot of them. When he was in Texas, he hit them with ease, and even when moving to Baltimore and then to Seattle, he kept on hitting them. Age might hurt him here, but man, does he ever have some power.

Joey Gallo

This guy may not hit for average, but when he hits the ball it goes a long way. Playing in Texas does help pad stats, but this guy has been hitting towering home runs ever since he was in minor league ball. It would be fun to see him a home run derby.

Bryce Harper

This is the guy everyone wanted to see in a Home Run Derby and they will get their wish when he competes tonight in D.C. However, this guy has a ton of power and has even shown how hard he can hit them and how far in a high school home run derby where a ball he hit reached the back of Tropicana Field. That’s over 500 feet! I’m very excited to see what he can do tonight.

Kris Bryant

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen him win the 2014 Southern League Home Run Derby in person, but this guy can really hit the ball hard. His home runs are more line drives, but he does have some power and possibly could use that to his advantage if he decides to enter in one again. He might even win an MLB one.

Paul Goldschmidt

And for my last contestant it will be Paul Goldschmidt who’s power I really think is underrated as some he hits are just towering fly balls. You know it’s a home run the moment he hits the ball type of power. While it may never seem like he will participate in one, he is one I would love to see in a Derby.


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