Shamrock Thoughts: Inject More Champions League Into My Veins


The Champions League might be one of the best sporting events in the world. My first experience watching it was in 2009 when FC Barcelona defeated Manchester United. I grew up a Lionel Messi fan and was, at that point, a casual fan of Barcelona (though however I became a bigger fan later). As the years went on and the more and more I watched of soccer, the more interested I became in the Champions League and I have to say, I absolutely love it.

Outside of the World Cup, it is my favorite competition in soccer (not including the regular season of the Premier League). It is so much fun to watch teams from other countries, the top ones in their respective leagues, and see them go at it. So teams like Barcelona facing against another top team like Inter Milan, Manchester United, Bayern Munich or even their arch nemesis Real Madrid is what makes the Champions League so great. It can’t get any better.

I am a fan of Everton so seeing both Real Madrid and Liverpool in the Final that will be played today is something I absolutely despise. That being said, I really hope that this will be a fun match as usually the Finals are the best games to be played at any competition in soccer. However, I wish it wouldn’t end as it truly is spectacular and so much fun to watch.


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