Shamrock Thoughts: Radical Change To NFL


So hear me out about this, what I am suggesting may be a crazy, but really interesting idea for a change to the NFL. This will drastically restructure the league and the playoffs, but it should help in terms of fairness. While one might think this would not go over well, just hear me out and think about it before you rush to conclusions. So what am I suggesting? Well this is what I want to change about the sport:

Get rid of divisions

Yes, you read that right: divisions would be a thing of the past. So you’re probably thinking how would that work. Easy, you play everyone once in your conference. That’s 15 games, but what about the 16th game? You play your closest rival from the opposite conference (or you could alternate every year with another team from the opposite conference). If that 16th game came to play your closest rival in the opposite conference, you would have to alternate who hosts every season (and if it was playing any team from the opposite conference it would be the same deal). In terms of where the games will be played, well you would have to alternate every year who hosts so like for an example in the games that are played between Green Bay and Dallas: in 2017 the Packers would host and then in 2018 Dallas would host and so on and so forth. But with this format, it would bring more fairness in the standings which leads to my next point.


In the 16 team conferences, the top six teams on each side advance to the playoffs. So essentially the playoffs will stay the same except there will be no division winners or wild card teams. However, the top two seeds will continue to get byes and will matchup with lowest possible seeds left in the postseason. I don’t think too much should change there.


How the scheduling should be done should be simple. To avoid any complications, once the season gets to the mid-point, every team will get a bye. Yes, all 32 teams will get byes in the same point of the season. As for when the AFC-NFC matchups happen, they should either be the first game, mid-point, or last game of the season. Pretty simple, right?

No more ties

I hate ties. They really hurt the sport and I think they are too freaking confusing when it comes to playoff scenarios. So we need to get rid of them. How would that work? Well, the first overtime should remain the same with what the rules are now, but there will be another overtime that would be College Football overtime rules style. However, the teams should start at the 50 yard line instead of the 25 yard line like how College Football does. That could create more interesting games and more intrigue.

That’s what I have right now, but thats what I would like to see happen in the NFL. Really different, right? Yeah, it’s a pretty radical proposal.

I’d be happy to answer any questions with my proposal and would appreciate some feedback.


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