Shamrock Thoughts: Reflecting On U.S.A’s Gold Medal Win Over Canada


Some of us were sleeping during this event. Some of us watched most of it until we decided to go to bed. And there were some of us who decided to stay up late for an epic game between two rivals. No it wasn’t Red Sox-Yankees, UNC-Duke, Alabama-Auburn, or even Canadiens-Bruins, but latter of the sports was the same as it was USA vs Canada in the Olympics this year. And no, it wasn’t the men either, it was the women. Coming on the 38th year of the “Miracle on Ice” the United States women’s team beat their arch-rival in a shootout to win the gold medal for first gold medal for the country in 20 years. They also stopped Canada’s run of four straight gold medals. While on the ice it may be bitter, there is a mutual respect between both countries in both sports and politically especially with the fact that Canada’s economy essentially relies on USA’s.

Last night’s game, like the 1980 game, was a grueling game, but it came down to the absolute wire going into the shootout. Once Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson scored the game-winner for the U.S., it finally ended one of the best games in hockey history. No, I really mean it, it was that good of a game. However, the heroics didn’t come just from Lamoureux-Davidson, there was also Maddie Rooney, a 20-year old goalie, making a crucial save in overtime, and Monique Lamoureux-Morando’s game-tying goal in the third period.

Just like the 1980 men’s team, the women’s team was not favored as Canada was looked as the probable winner. However, they were not heavily favored as U.S. women’s team is looked at as a very good team, so to call this another “Miracle on Ice” is a bit of a stretch, but it most certainly was not expected and it still was remarkable. Plus, it makes all the better that the women won gold as the U.S. has struggled in these Olympics to win all that many. What else is great about this is that it will help in the rise of interest in women’s sports. Sure, it helped when the women’s national team in soccer on the World Cup in 2015, but it puts female sports further a long in interest and investment. However, in my opinion, the most important thing about this gold medal for the women is patriotism. Considering the political climate the last year, it almost felt like everyone in the United States were able to come together, get away from all the hatred and bickering, and cheer on the women to victory. It honestly felt like a collective sigh for the entire country as politics took a backseat for the day. And on the same day, on the 38th anniversary of the “Miracle on Ice, the women winning gold both brought us pride and made us realize what makes this country great.


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