Week 2 Predictions Of 2018 Six Nations Tournament


Ireland vs Italy

James: “Ireland grinded out a victory last week, this week they will be in cruise control. Ireland wins easily.”

Aaron: “Ireland…that was easy. Italy was gashed by England’s back line and unless they change dramatically I don’t even see this as a close game.”

England vs Wales

James: “Wales surprised me last week with a blow out win over Scotland while England beat Italy with no problems. If last week was an indication of anything, this could be a close one. However, I think England will win.”

Aaron: “Both teams are coming off dominant performances last week. Manhandling Italy and Scotland respectively. England is still the better team and I expect them to take this one with a bonus point. Should be the most exciting game this weekend.”

France vs Scotland

James: “France’s defense shocked me and surprised me. They might actually have a fighting chance against Scotland who looked like they took a punch in the stomach. This could be a great match, but watch Scotland rebound and take this.”

Aaron: “Wow…where did the Scots from November go? They looked absolutely flat-footed in attack against Wales. Despite most of the game being played in the Welsh half, they still could only manage seven points. France lost a heart breaker to Ireland with a last second drop goal by Jonathan Sexton. Going off what we’ve seen so far I’m giving the edge to France.”

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