Shamrock Thoughts: James’ 2018 Football Hall Of Fame Votes


With the Football Hall of Fame voting coming up later this week, I thought would do my mock voting for whom I think should be enshrined at Canton. How the vote works is a lot different and a lot more confusing than how the Baseball Hall of Fame works. From the Football Hall of Fame website, this is how the voting works:

“In advance of the Hall of Fame Selection Meeting in February, the selectors are provided detailed biographies on each of the 18 finalists.  At the annual meeting on ‘Selection Saturday,’ each finalist is thoroughly discussed by the committee before a series of reduction votes are taken.  First, the senior candidate(s) and Contributor candidate(s) are discussed and voted on for election.  They must receive the same 80 percent affirmative vote as the Modern-Era candidates. Next, there is a vote that reduces the Modern-Era finalists list from 15 to 10.  Following that, a vote is taken to reduce the list from 10 to 5 names.  The five remaining candidates for Hall of Fame election are then voted on individually (yes or no) for membership.

In order to be elected a finalist must receive a minimum of 80% of the vote.  All ballots are collected and counted by the firm Deloitte & Touche.  No vote totals are announced – only the winners of the various reduction ballots are revealed to the selectors and the Hall’s representatives.”

Very, very long and tedious process as it looks like to me that it’s harder to make a decision. Here is a link to the finalists for this year so you know who is on it. So, with that being said, here are the five players who I think should be enshrined this year at Canton.

Note: I will not be including senior candidates and contributor candidates

Brian Urlacher-Linebacker

This man was one of the best linebackers I had ever watched play the game and arguably (key word there because there’s a debate with the two linebackers on this list) the best to play in the last two decades. He was feared by every quarterback and was just a force to be reckoned with. He helped the Chicago Bears have one of the best defenses in the mid-2000s.

Terrell Owens-Wide Receiver

While he might not be the best wide receiver on this list, he’s most certainly the most eccentric. Aside from his antics, he was a special talent. Had one of the best hands I ever saw, was fast, and scored touchdowns at a blistering pace. He might not get in his first go around, but in my opinion he’s a hall of famer.

Randy Moss-Wide Receiver

The greatest wide receiver I ever saw and quite possibly the best to ever play. Moss was super talented and had the best hands this sport probably has ever seen. Whenever anyone asked you who the best receiver they ever saw, Moss is certainly one that will come to people’s minds.

John Lynch-Safety

This one might be a little controversial, but he was a great safety. Read routes well and always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. He was also part of a dominant Buccaneers defense that won the Super Bowl.

Ray Lewis-Linebacker

Remember earlier when I said that Urlacher arguably was the best linebacker in the last two decades? That’s because many will say that this guy was better. And for good reason as he was another dominant linebacker that most quarterbacks feared. He might have been better in coverage than Urlacher too. He was also a member of that 2000s Baltimore Ravens team that was arguably the best defense to ever play.

Notable snubs:

Tony Boselli-Offensive Lineman

Talent wise he is a sure hall of famer, however injuries derailed what was certainly a hall of fame career. He is a huge debate.

Joe Jacoby-Offensive Lineman

He was part of the dominant offensive line of the Washington Redskins back in their glory days of the 1980s. It’s absolutely baffling he is not in yet, but there are more deserving guys this go around.

Isaac Bruce-Wide Receiver

He might actually make it into the hall this year instead of the ones I selected as he was a very productive receiver who played for a long time too. He was a member of the St. Louis Rams offense from the 1999 season that was dubbed The Greatest Show on Turf.

Brian Dawkins-Safety

Had a long career and was a very good player in Philadelphia. I watched him play when I was growing up and he was just a very smart player and was a great talent. He was tough to leave out of this.


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